Improve Learning Results Through Video Evaluation

With the Mentor Evaluation Platform, instructors can enhance their current learning programs by recording audio commentary directly on learner submitted videos, audio files, or images.

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In-Context Feedback

Learners submit a video of themselves performing a task or scenario. Instructors then use patented, audio-visual tools to provide direct feedback overlaid on the original videos. The enriched videos are then returned to learners as a graded assignment for review.

Voiceover Commentary

Review and record commentary over video playback, and pause to provide in-depth feedback on learner videos.

Visual Annotations

Highlight areas for improvement with visual annotations. Pause, rewind, fast-forward, or draw directly on the video for emphasis.

How Mentor Works

Learn how Mentor enriches the learning process by providing instructors with an easy and powerful video evaluation tool to review, comment, and annotate user assignment submissions.

Where is Mentor Used?

Explore how the Mentor video evaluation technology provides distinct value to clients.


Learners can practice and record themselves performing a scenario, upload that video for evaluation, and receive direct commentary from the instructor.

1:1 Remote Coaching

Soft Skills Development

Sales Training

Instructors can review, pause, and record over sales calls and demos to provide feedback for improvement.

1:1 Sales Training

Reduced Training & Travel Costs

Human Resources

In HR based LMS courses, instructors can have the learner use their webcam to record themselves in response to a given scenario to demonstrate their understanding of learned concepts.

Validate Knowledge Transfer

Reduced onboarding time

Hard Skills

Instructors can review videos of learners demonstrating their applied skills and provide in-context feedback at the precise moment it’s needed.

1:1 remote training

Improved Operational Efficiencies

LMS Integration

Mentor can inegrate with most modern LMSs, providing a value-added extension to improve learning outcomes.

In-context feedback

Improved training outcomes

Enhance the learning process

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